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Just as we all have physical health; we all have mental health too. Mental health refers to our psychological or emotional health and wellbeing. It is about how we think, how we feel, how we behave, how life affects us and how we cope with it, how we engage with others, and the choices we make. Mental wellbeing is an integral part of our overall health. Society often thinks of health as something biological and physical: the condition of our bodies, how healthy we eat, the physical exercise we do.

A key component of health is missing from this, though. It’s mental wellbeing, which encompasses our inner workings and the way we describe how we are in our lives.

About Well Being

Mental wellbeing, in general, is the state of thriving in various areas of life, such as in relationships, at work, play, and more, despite the ups and downs. It’s the knowledge that we are separate from our problems and the belief that we can handle those problems.

In the following free assessment of 15 mins and 34 questions we have offered you a brief understanding of your Resilience, Positive Affectivity, Emotional Stability and Adaptability.

Please feel free to take the Assessment and help yourself to cope up with your challenges and enhance your well-being.

Mental Wellbeing Assessment

Duration: 15 mins

Questions: 34

Traits Evaluated: Resilience, Positive Affectivity, Emotional Stability and Adaptability.

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Mental Well-being Assessment

Resilience - Mental Well being Assessment

Emotional Stability - Mental Well being Assessment

Positive Affectivity - Mental Well being Assessment

Adaptability - Mental Well being Assessment