TRAITFIT: For Students, Colleges & Universities

This aims to identify the inclination of a student towards a particular discipline by assessing his/ her interests, mental makeup, styles, and cognitive capacity.

This shall help one to make an outright decision when it comes to pursuing a field of study or suitability for a role in the future.

Employability Skill Assessment Program

Designed to measure candidate’s suitability to a role using certain predefined parameters.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Understand functional self-traits

Helps one determine right domain in chosen field

Insight into overcoming those challenges in time

Useful in identifying right set of skills in students

Challenges can be identified & addressed

Assesses student’s employability (suitability for work) quotient

How It Works

Pre – Assessment Session

Online Assessment

Post Assessment

A detailed report on all traits assessed.

A managers/teacher guide to deal with students according to their abilities

Imparting techniques for improvement of self

A developmental guide to improve upon or sustain abilities.

A 2-hour session including a detailed report explanation

Standard Assessments for Colleges and Universities

Trainings & Development Program

Traits / Psychometric Trainings

Soft Skills

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