Corporate Communication Skills

Traitfit Corporate Communication Skills is an assessment tool that evaluates set of activities involved in managing and orchestrating all internal and external communications aimed at creating favourable point of view among stakeholders on which the company depends.

Mode: Online | Time Required: 40 Minutes

Traits Evaluated:

  • Effective Communication
  • Verbal Ability
  • Active Listening
  • Networking
  • Effective Presentation
  • Negotiation

Who can take the test?

HR, Project Managers, Line Managers, Global Roles and Customer Support Executive, Sales Executives/ Associates, Tele-caller Executives.

All Levels of organization where Employees are involved into extensive communication roles.

How organizations will benefit from it?

  • Screening tool for Recruitment & Selection
  • Identify Training Needs
  • Used in conjunction with other assessments for Assessing Employees

Report style

Summary Report with success profile and Strength & Improvement Areas.

Detailed Page Report with details of 6 Traits as above:

Interpretation & Analysis

In-depth analysis of the trait and associated interpretation. Easy to understand.

Self-Help Guide

Scientifically derived suggestions and advices for improving in all specific traits.

Managers / Mentors Guide

Detailed section for the individuals Manager, who can mentor and maintain development program for individual on each Trait.

How It Works

You will Receive the
Test Link

Attempt the Online

Receive Simplified &
in-depth Interpretive Reports

These are most standard psychometric tests based on guidelines by International Test Commission, USA and American Psychological Association, USA.