Traitfit offers Assessment solutions to IT, Oil & Gas, Electro-Mechanical, BFSI, FMCG, Healthcare, Construction, Education, Hospitality, etc.

The Psychometric Assessments are at the CORE of solutions and are scientifically designed and Validated for its reliability. These assessments Evaluate Personality Fitness, Culture Fitness and Skill Fitness of professionals and creates the intelligent data for the organisations.

Traitfit offers standard & customised assessments.

Flagship Assessments

Leadership Assessment

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Employee Engagement Assessment

Sales Inventory

Personality Inventory

Employability Skills Assessment

Critical Thinking Assessment

Managerial Potential Competency Assessment

Occupational Stress Index

Problem Solving & Decision Making Inventory

Faculty Assessment

Learning Agility Assessment

Corporate Communication Skills

Business Acumen Test

Motivation Inventory

Benefits of Assessment

Studies show that organizations which have chosen the psychometric tests as a criterion to hire employees have excelled significantly. These organizations show

Increased Revenue

Reduced Employee Turnover

Motivated Workforce

Features of Traitfit Report

Our reports are lucid, easy to understand and directive

Traitfit's reports are very simplified just like it's easy to use dashboards.

Each trait and competency is finely presented in the report so that every individual can easily understand the report even though they do not belong to Psychology field. Assessments are based on the guidelines of American Psychological Association and International Test Commission.

So, the reports are well analyzed by the experts and the candidate/ organizations get the clear insight about abilities and traits of their employees.

It also includes the ways to minimize the weaknesses that individual possesses so, Traitfit goes a step ahead to help individuals and organizations. Reports become more lively as they include charts and tables along with rich content.


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