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Traitfit is the online Psychometric Assessment Platform which offers one of its kind norm referenced Psychometric tests based on American Psychological Association, International Test Commission guidelines. It evaluates from the three areas that are Skill Fitness, Personality Fitness and Culture Fitness.



What We Do

Industry Solutions–
Traitfit Model

The modus operandi of modern industries has changed noticeably. Almost everything that one could envisage is carried out in a different manner, not akin to the earlier styles. Considering this fact, the main concern is palpably procuring and maintaining talent. Both tasks are equally challenging.

Traitfit has ably obliterated the complexities of hiring and managing talents by devising the Traitfit Assessment that enables the employers to get a more objective view of the applicant’s strengths, weaknesses, personality, and working style.

To put it succinctly, Traitfit assesses the mind of the candidates. Traitfit helps the organizations by suggesting them pertinent solutions through its assessments and other extolled services that the organizations can embrace to help the incumbent graduate to the expected worth.

Solutions for Academia

Designed to measure candidate’s suitability to a role using certain predefined parameters.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Understand functional self-traits

Helps one determine right domain in chosen field

Useful in identifying right set of skills in students

Challenges can be identified & addressed

Assesses student’s employability (suitability for work) quotient

Industries We Serve

The needs and expectations of one industry are different from others. Moreover, organizations that form part of the same sector at times run counter to their demands and aspirations. We fathom the needs of different sectors and are extremely glad to be of service to the following industries.



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